One of the many industries now completely reliant on digital platforms in the wake of COVID-19 is education. This however is paving way for innovators in the digital sector to develop creative solutions.

Zakria Amir & Abbas Haider Khan at Rawalpindi Medical University

To aid educational institutions effectively continue teaching services digitally, EdWiz has developed an AI powered social network for education. Named SKIP, the platform is an all-round education management system offering cost-effective learning solutions for online lectures and examination.

So how does SKIP address the existing challenge?

The platform is tailored for Pakistani education system and focuses on user experience and engagement. The system has various interactive features such as “Gamification” to help the user stay hooked. What makes the platform unique is its user-friendly interface, making the experience superior to other solutions which are known to be clunky, hard to navigate and difficult to use.

EDWIZ Solutions focuses on connectivity to help empower students to make better academic decisions. Along with the state-of-the-art education management system, SKIP also offers a complete digital library in its full version.

Based out of National Science and Technology Park (NSTP), EDWIZ Solutions is an education technology start-up founded by Abbas and Zakria to provide a seamless digitized educational experience. The team behind SKIP is geared to provide complete implementation, training, back- end and front-end support to help institutions smoothly step into the digital learning environment.

The company has invested significant time and resources in personalizing the product for Pakistani education system, and plans on launching 50+ educational mobile applications. One of the mobile applications, Fund My Education, won “The Best Education Solution Award at FICS’19.

The CEO, Shahnawaz Aleem Khan, helped EDWIZ Solutions acquire seed money from Maaksons group of companies in 2019.

“The COVID-19 crises has changed the world. We are finally understanding the importance of digital learning solutions as various solutions are failing. We at Edwiz believe it is our social obligation at this time to ignore financial gains and provide education institutions with practical digital solutions tailored for Pakistani education system. We are have adopted various strategies to help ease the financial pressure on education institution in this time of crisis,” commented Shahnawaz Aleem Khan.

The company’s technical division is being led by Ali Farooq, a graduate of NUST – SEECS. He was the only Pakistani to represent Pakistan at a global stage at the 1776 challenge cup held in Washington D.C. He has been leading projects both nationally and internationally. One of his most notable projects includes Trumroll, which was a part of Pakistan’s firstSilicon Valley based accelerator program (GAP).

EDWIZ solutions is committed to bring innovation and creativity in the education ecosystem of Pakistan. We are dedicated to develop indigenous products specifically designed for the next generation students and educationists. We envisage a future where latest tech solutions and conventional teachings methods merge to enhance student capacity.