Complete Education Management Solution

Latest Education Management software.
Extensive digital library.
Complete on-ground implementation.
Free Education Technology Hardware.

SKIP is a one-stop solution to digitalize all educational endeavors of an institute. From software integration to an extensive digital library, state-of-the-art hardware to ridding the institution of implementing the entire project, we take care of everything! With no upfront costs, EDWIZ encourages organizations to start their digital journey with zero financial pressure.
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COVID-19 Solutions

Virtual Classes
Assessments and Homework
Online Quizzes
Gamified Online Library
7-day Implementation

In view of the current global pandemic COVID-19 “Corona Virus”, the Government of Pakistan has directed all educational institutions to shut down their facilities in the best interest of children. However, keeping in mind the grave loss of time due to this unexpected closure it is imperative that other sources are utilized to ensure the cycle of academics, with internal and external exams right around the corner.

Build your own LMS

Pick your own Hardware.
Completely customization portal.
Custom made digital library.

EDWIZ solutions give your institution the freedom to build your own learning management system. Choose from a wide variety of modules, an extensive line of hardware, and personalize your online library.

Custom made Education portals and mobile applications

User-friendly interface.
Custom-built apps and portals.
Effective and efficient solutions.

EDWIZ is a one stop education technology company. For organizations that have already started their digital journey, we offer custom made learning applications and portals. If you have a creative idea, our tech teams can bring it to life!