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EDWIZ is a syndicate of young minds under the leadership of industry experts with the common goal of developing innovative education solutions. We create technology that brings people together with the common aim; to help students discover their passion for learning.

Our Values

We believe education technology has the power to identify individual student needs, enhance education experience and encourage learning both inside and outside the classroom. No matter where we might live, work or socialize, learning should always be the essence of our daily lives.

Our Mission

Our goal is to create a social network for education where students are connected to national and international education ecosystem. By empowering students with digital resources, we encourage students to explore their interests. Bridging the gap between public and private education, ideating with likeminded educators and following the leadership of industry experts, we aim to bring a digital revolution in Pakistan’s education sector.

Our Mission is to elevate the human capital development index of Pakistan by providing homegrown education technology solutions. We at EDWIZ solutions are always looking at new ways of incorporating technology to improve the learning outcome of communities.